As a young person I lived as a fosterdaughter in an american missionary family.I had not been in America before this and of course culture and personal differences were to surface later as you would expect in such a situation.I was also later  in a boarding high school and also in a college/institution with people of different ethnicities.

I later married outside my tribe,my town ,my race and  have for the last years lived outside my birth continent . I have known different sides of living together with different peoples and races all my life.

Combined with the knowledge from my  wide spectrum of studies  and my current working position at the organisation Sompon -socialservice based in Esslingen , Germany( will help you find a better solution to feeling at home and coping in a positive way in an intercultural environment,be it at  home,at school,in church,at work,on the streets or wherever.

I do intercultural counselling,coaching  and mentoring for  individuals,groups,companies,schools or their teachers,kindergartens or their caregivers,organisations or whoever is interested to start thinking different,global and world welcoming.

Languages  of instruction could be in German,English,Kiswahili and Kimeru.

Geographical locations,posibilities and fees are to be discussed with the management.

I look forward to working with you to  make the world  a better place.




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