Free singing…the african way

I sing and I love singing.

I also love the freedom of dance to the music I do.

When I sing i dance and my heart dances and feels real joy of music

sure you would like to get to know how it is done.

Sure you want to learn how to make music and sing from your heart even without training or note knowledge.

Join my workshops or invite us and get into real singing that will change your way of thinking and of making music.

I will come to your schools,kindergarten,groups,friends meetings and to whoever is interested.

Lets fill the world with music

Free dancing…the african way

When we dance,the music dictates,not the studies.

My experience is that many think they cant dance if they havent been to school to learn how to dance.Am not talking about standard dances here.

Dancing doesnt always have to have a structure.

Dancing is all about movement and the joy of moving to music.

In africa many dont even know there are dancing schools anywhere on this planet..but their dancing makes an impact.

Let me share with you the secret behind this.

Join my workshops or invite me to your

institution,kindergarten,company,school,conferences and you will be surprised to find yourself dancing and enjoying it.

Life is beautiful.

Music and dance adds to its quality.

Let me show you how!

Drumming….The african way

african-1060423_960_720You love the sound of drums?

you always wanted to try?

You think you dont have the gift of drumming?

You still want to try?

Then what yre you waiting for??

join my drumming courses or invite me to do free drumming workshops at your school,kindergarten,club,groups,company,organisation,institute or wherever.

What you need??

a simple drum,willingness to try,and the joy in it.

Let me show you how.

Come or invite me to drum with you.