Agnes K.Fröhlich Vereins (wird demnächst eingetragen) Projects

1. Mustard seed angels of kenya
– The Rent (Monthly needed 250,-)
– School materials and School fees – depends on needs of each child since they go to different schools
– Health insurance and treatment costs for the kids.Currently for the homes mama(Tracey) who is suffering a growth in the neck and can bärely get out of bed the last few weeks.

2.Humanrights initiative to create awareness in the whole of Africa but beginning with Kenya

-Building up of teams that visit schools and institutions to try to create awareness of individual rights and responsibilities of every person in the african community.
-Standing with the opressed and being a mouhtpeace for oppressed volks/groups
in african countries and for africans anywhere on the globe

3.environmental sustainance and protection
-Creating awareness on matters pertaining the environment so as to effectively protect and preserve it fot the current and the future generations
-Through art and dance (we already have a team working on the concept and the message to be presented already) we want to have a team going to every tribe in kenya so as to reach everyone and create awareness in every corner of the country because we believe this will be the only way to achieve the goals set.

4.Empowering women and children, and some other disadvantaged minorities to gain an independent and stable economical balance.
In this case there are many ways one can support the people without making them dependent.I advocate the method of help to self help so that those we empower are later able to cater for themselves and tohelp others get empowered by being examples.

5.Financing the videos to my second Album which we will start filming from next would like to be part of the project and makingit happen??

Support us and if possible you can be part of the teams in the video if it possible for you to be there when we film.We are based in Denkendorf,Germany.You also get one of the very first video and audio copies of the second album as an appreciation of your support.

Contact if interrested to support any of our projects. We appreciate;