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Join my workshops or invite me to your institutions,school,conferences and you will be surprised to find yourself dancing and enjoying it.

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Welcome message from Agnes

Hi friends.I have been singing as long as I can remember,in singing groups, in many different churches,in 4 different schools and in college(Calvary sounds in Moffat college in Kenya),in my church here in Aichwald, Germany with the Band Praise Station and right now in my current Church worship group but mainly with my own Band.I have been composing songs with christian messages since I was a little girl running behind my mom as we walked barefeet through the bushes of my kenyan village in Meru where I was born,I sang later in high school for the very first time my own Composition ''Neno lake lasema'' in front of my fellow students and almost died of nervousness,but have kept it on up to this day whenever I get inspired.My 2nd album is still in the workshop.You will hear it soon God willing!Watch for it and many other songs that I still have in the cooking.I sing songs with a christian message because its important to me and thats where I get my strength for my everyday life and thats the source of the peace I feel as I walk through life and I like sharing it with whoever wants to hear it through my music.I like and make every style and kind of music as long as the message touches me at the right spot because I think thats what music is all about.Thanks for checking on me. Blessings from above......and enjoy.

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